Phone Interviews


We conduct qualitative interviews and surveys to help the client with primary research.

Our goal is to deliver hight quality results in a timely manner.

We are a team of professional market researchers experienced in conducting phone interviews. We choose personalised approach to any respondent to get as detailed answers and comments as possible.

In order, to evaluate a new market, product category, or industry we are speaking to executives, consultants, trade magazine editors, journalists, industry association executives, technologists, professionals, financial analysts, distributors, dealers, business owners, and product users. Expert opinions get a broad perspective about the industry development, trends, opportunities, problems and issues, unmet needs and wants, solutions, best practices. Findings help to develop a direction for research plans and begin preliminary marketing SWOT analysis.


We conduct different types of phone interviews from VoC to Expert Interviews as well as online surveys as a part of the projects.



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