About Custom Market Research

Market research can give a business a picture of what kinds of new products and services may bring a profit. It is a systematic process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting information. There are many different types of market research that cover various areas of study.

At IntroMarket Research, we do a professional custom market research. Custom market research reports offer a more tailored solution to meet your unique objectives, and provide the information needed to make important decisions with confidence. In other words, we conduct the market research on given topic and finding answers on given questions.

Сustom research are useful for the following reasons:

–  Recognize new opportunities and threats and adapt quickly

–  Evaluate current and forecast demand for the new product

–  Analyze technology, regulations, or other trends impacting the market

–  Identify attractive markets

–  Improve your product portfolio and average prices

–  Understand consumer key purchasing criteria and behaviors

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Market Research Methods

We use different approaches to deliver the best results

Secondary Research

Secondary research or desk research is a research method that involves using already existing data.
  • Financial Institutions
  • Corporate databases
  • Statistic Bureaus
  • Web sources
  • Etc.


SWOT analysis of the product/region/industry covered in the study. Outcomes:
  • Evaluation of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to enter the market.
  • Suggested strategy (Aggressive, Conservative, Defensive, Competitive)

Porter's Five Forces

Porter’s Five Forces for product/region/industry/ covered in the study. Outcomes:
  • Strategic positioning map of company’s competitive environment