Every business is about people and problems it solves. And the main goal of a Buyer Persona research is to find out those needs and goals so you will be able to address them in your marketing campaign. To tell more, Buyer Persona is a visual representation of your ideal customer which aims to bring a deep understanding of their lives, views, preferences etc. You can create Buyer Persona by yourself or outsource this process to a third party. 

What does my Ideal Client do? or How should I approach my prospects? are the regular questions every business asks itself. The list is usually much, much longer.

Buyer Persona brings to the table psychographic metrics which will help you to optimize your business development efforts. It is worth mentioning, the audience you are trying to reach are real people which use social media on a daily basis and you have unlimited access to find all the necessary data. The first step to a successful Buyer Persona creation is identifying features you want to find out.

Below are some questions to ask while creating your Buyer Persona:

What are your customers’ responsibilities at work? What is their role in the company?

It’s better to know to whom you should be market your products and to whom you are selling, who is a decision-maker and who is an influencer. Depending on the challenges your buyer persona faces It is worth paying attention to the industry that your potential prospects serve, and do not concentrate only on the solution they offer.  

What type of content they are engaging with?

Maybe your clients prefer to read tech world news. But what if they prefer deep studies about specific areas or maybe they look for content rich in images? You can build unique content and create the right message to match the interests of your prospects in different social media channels.

What conference they might attend?

Earn credibility by building your presence in spots your persona visits and trusts.

What are their preferable channels of communication?

Do they prefer email over phone calls? Or maybe referrals?

What issues they have at work/life?

If your business is B2C you would probably be curious about what problems and challenges on personal level your target customer is facing. If your case is B2B business, you certainly need to know what difficulties your customers experience at work.

Make a good start for yourself and invest some time to dive deep into the world of your customers. Companies that are aware of what will make their clients happy and successful will likely to see their performance metrics at a much higher level.

You can discover ready-made buyer personas of Marketer and Freelancer created by IntroMarket which are available to download.

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Our Process

Our comprehensive Buyer Persona Profile creation methodology ensures an in-depth research and up-to-date results


We create a database from the scratch or work with the existent database of your customers. The database consists of 50 profiles. Each account we analyze through three Social Media Channels:
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
LinkedIn helps to find out the information about the working experience of the person, their career goals, and challenges. Facebook and Twitter give a more general overview of the personal life, hobbies, and family.

Analysis of Database

We analyze each profile in the database according to the following features:
  • Company they work for
  • Employment history
  • Skills
  • Courses and Certifications
  • Influencers
  • Brands they follow
  • Groups
  • Social Media Activity
  • Content they like
Additionally, we create Swipe file, a visual representation of their online activity. It includes screenshots and notes.  

Buyer Persona Creation

Based on the analysis of the database and Swipe file, we start building the buyer persona profile. We split the information according to the following categories:
  • Demographic profile
  • Working progress
  • Skills
  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Content (articles and platforms)
  • Influencers and Brands
  • Sales Funnels
  • Personal level
  • Environment
  • Professional network


Presentation of the received data in a comprehensible way.