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What is Buyer Persona and what does it mean for the business?

Answering TOP questions after creating 300+ profiles   I started creating and researching Buyer Personas four years ago. I was introduced to this term during my studies in the marketing department. I was thrilled. The samples we were given were so meaningful and simple at the same time that I thought that every business has

A Guide to Creating Customers’ Reviews Map: Your Customers Needs Within a Quick Reach

Consumer research is an ongoing activity and requires a lot of attention and analytical work. If there is a need than there already is or will be a solution. Addressing the right needs increases your chances to succeed. The most popular research tools available to identify them are surveys, focus groups, consumer trends reports and


All truly successful businesses have these few things in common – each operates in a social environment and serves a specific audience. And when your potential customers finally realize their needs, they will start searching for a proper solution. The invisible barrier on your customer’s journey to use your service is market competition. Nowadays, each