How a simple survey can improve customer retention

“We can generate traffic to the site but we have no sales.”
“Our trial customers are not converting to paid.”
“My store is getting traffic but no conversions and barely any Add-to-cards.”

Those are typical requests that we receive from subscription based and ecom business owners. If you or someone in your network has the same unlucky experience we are pleased to share our knowledge. In terms of market research, the best solution that a professional service provider should offer you is to conduct a customer satisfaction survey.

Why would you do it?

Contacting you existing, past or potential customers via emails or LinkedIn is a very easy way to get honest feedback on your offerings. By asking the right questions you may find out why your customers unsubscribed, what other alternatives they are using now, how much are they actually willing to pay for your services/products?
After you gathered enough answers and analyzed them you may focus on strategic thinking again.

How would you do it?

First of all, you have to design a simple questionnaire and put together a database of people you are going to contact. Use your email list of the customers. If you recently started your business and have only a few valid emails, build a database of potential clients whom you would target anyway. Don’t forget to offer a reward to survey participants, something like Amazon gift cards or 10% discounts on your products/services will work perfectly. This will not only make a positive impression on respondents but will increase the response rate as well.

If you want to improve customer retention and loyalty and at the same time reduce customer churn rate you should probably think about conducting a customer survey. You and your customers will benefit from this approach.


IntroMarket Research Team

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